Focus on solvent recycling & oil cleaning, well sold all over the world for many years!
Solvent Recycling Machine
Centrifugal Oil Cleaner
VOC Recycling System

About H.Y

solvent recycling machines of Hongyi in China H.y company is a manufacturer of solvent recycling machine, centrifugal oil cleaners, VOC recycling systems.

H.y products are very influential and very popular in domestic markets, well sold and exported all over the world for many years.

Solvent Recycling Machine

Solvent Recycling Machine is a solvent recycler with special distiller for recycling used or waste solvents.

  • Save money and get a quick return on investment.
  • Reduce the expenditure on buying solvent.
  • Reduce the expenditure on disposing of waste solvent.
  • lower storage costs for fresh solvents and waste solvents.
  • Half or one year payback period on most solvent recycling machine.
  • Help enterprises to eliminate pollution.

You really did a best choice, if you decide to choose it! Normally, the payback period of the recycling machine only need half or one year, it also can
improve the image of the company!

Centrifugal Oil Cleaners

H.y centrifugal oil cleaner can effectively removes fine particles from oil and clean the oil according to the centrifugal separation principle; however, Conventional filters cannot capable of doing this. The removal of particles by centrifugal force is based on their relative density; therefore there is no restriction on contaminant size.

VOC Recycling System

H.y VOC Recycling System is suitable to cool and condense VOC gases into liquid VOCs for reuse. Usually, it is used to recycle VOC or gaseous solvent from a sealed container or vessel, such as solvent storage tank; reactor in chemical industry; or copper clad laminates manufacturing; ceramic substrate manufacturing; electronics industry, etc.

It is welcome to customize according to customer's specific needs.

Our customer

H.y products have sold and exported all over the world for many years, for example: The USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Canada etc. Some of our customers (logos) as below: